Haskel is the market leader in the supply of air/gas driven liquid pumps, gas boosters, air amplifiers and associated equipment to the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry.

Air Amplifier
Haskel Air Amplifiers provide an alternative to purchasing dedicated high pressure compressors. They are compact, require no electrical or mechanical drive connections, are powered by the same air they amplify, and can be mounted in any position.
Air Pressure Overview

Airline Industry
Gas Booster
Haskel International Air and Hydraulic Driven Gas Boosters provide for pressures up to 39,000 psi (2690 bar). Used for virtually all known gases, these boosters are ideal for increasing gas pressure, transferring high pressure gas, charging cylinders and scavenging.
Gas Booster
Oxygen Boosters
4AG-25 Gas Booster
Bootstrap Nitrogen Boosters
SF6 Gas Recovery
Liquid Pump
Haskel offers an extensive range of air driven liquid pumps (64 models) and accessories. Pumps can be supplied which offer liquid pressures of up to 100,000psi (7,000bar)
Liquid Pump
MS-220 Liquid Pump
Liquid Pressure Test Pac


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