The Hydro-Pac concept was developed in the early 1970's in response to a need for standardized pumps and compressors capable of achieving very high pressures for a variety of industrial applications. We continue this commitment to high-pressure technology with an enthusiasm to listen intently to our customers, learn from the people we serve, and respond to industry's needs with flexibility and innovative achievements.

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• Li'l CRITTER™ High-Pressure Gas Compressors

Li'l CRITTER™ High-Pressure Gas Compressors were designed by Hyrdo-Pac to offer big compressor reliability and service life in smaller machines. These tough "little brothers" of Hydro-Pac's FLEXI-POWER™ compressors are well suited for laboratory and production applications. They are offered in sizes of 3, 5 and 7.5 hp for pressures to 45,000 psi. Li'l CRITTERTM compressors are available for a variety of industrial gases, and are offered as single or two-stage units.

• Patented Free-Piston Design

Li'l CRITTER™ Compressors feature Hydro-Pac's patented free-piston design. This exclusive feature allows replacement of all high-pressure seals in just a few minutes without major disassembly of the intensifier.

• HYDRO-PAC Intensifiers

The heart of every Hydro-Pac high-pressure hydrogen compressor is a hydraulically driven intensifier. An intensifier consists of a hydraulic cylinder (motive cylinder) coupled with two gas cylinders. The most common arrangement is a hydraulic cylinder in the center with a gas cylinder on each side of the hydraulic cylinder.

In operation, the force of the hydraulic pressure acting on a hydraulic piston is balanced by gas pressure acting on the gas piston. As the hydraulic cylinder strokes, gas is compressed and displaced from one gas cylinder while simultaneously filling the other gas cylinder.

Intensifier designs are flexible and multiple arrangements are possible. The most common arrangements are double-ended machines that are either single stage or two stage units. Single ended units are also available.

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