Application:High Pressure SCSSV Test System PLC Control System

• Liquid pumps that can reached 30,000PSI
• Gas Booster that can reached 15,000PSI
• Special Valves & Fittings Easy Operation & Precision Control                                                         
• PLC Control Unit for Remote & Unmanned Operation 

Application: Hydrostatic Testing & Flushing Unit

• High Flow Rate
• Circulation Pump & Fitering System to achieve NAS Class 5
• Sampling Outlet
• 2 Selectable pressure range (6,000PSI & 30,000PSI) 
• High Flow Rate & High Pressure
• Stainless Steel Panel & Tank
• Max. Operating pressure up to 30,000 PSI

• Test Pressure up to 10K PSI
• High Flow rate
• Circulating Pump system
• (To filter the liquid to required cleanliness)
• High pressure filters
• Sampling Outlet
• Stainless Steel Skid and Tank

:Self Contained High Pressure N2 Amplifier System for Air Craft Tyre

• 2 Selectable pressure range (300PSI & 3,000PSI)
• Self Contained (no air or electrical source required)
• Amplified Liquid Nitrogen to 3,000PSI  
• Stainless steel CRYOGENIC Storage Tank    
• Special Punumatic Control Package to stop the booster when desired output pressure reached 
• Max. Operating pressure up to 3,000 PS

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