Rapid-Torc designs and manufactures a full range of Hydraulic Torque Wrenches and industrial maintenance tools, especially designed for outage assembly and disassembly, which also includes Hydraulic Bolt tensioners, Hydraulic Power Packs, Induction Bolt Heating Systems, Impact Sockets and more.

RT Hydraulic torque wrenches are built with one piece aircraft quality aluminum housing, a square drive made of Vascomax, an orient able reaction arm with reaction boot. Light weight, easy to manipulate, the small radius will allow to fit all restricted area.
Rapid Torc RT Series
RTX Hydraulic torque wrenches are made of a hydraulic cylinder connected with a heavy duty ratchet link. A reaction pawl mechanism allows operators to provide the job with safety and speed. With hand free system operation it is easy to offer a multi-tool operation.
Rapid Torc RTX Series
Bolting accessories are all about safety. Hexagonal drive, hexagonal reducer, step down or step up are example of the large range of bolting accessories for RT & RTX hydraulic torque wrenches. Use in conjunction with variable piston stage hydraulic pumps, you will perform jobs in the fastest time frame.
Rapid Torc Bolting Accessories
TRT Bolt Tensioning products are designed to suit diverse applications such as API6A Flanges, Heat Exchanger or even reactor stud bolts throughout the Petrochemical World.
Rapid Torc Topside TRT Series
TRTS Series is supplied with 2 pieces segmented puller nut. The diver simply slides the puller nut over the bolt. When in place, just squeeze the nut to lock it. To remove, push gently on the button at the top of the segmented puller nut. Slide it back!
Rapid Torc Subseas Series
Speedorange machine are produced in any voltage and are the perfect machine to travel around the Turbine’s World. Speedorange’s technology enables us to cut project time, saving costs for our customers and ensuring our availability to meet their needs.
Rapid Torc Speedorange



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