SPIR STAR AG manufactures in accordance with the highest quality standards. It is only natural for us to develop and manufacture our products with state-of-the-art production methods and in accordance with the highest quality standards. In order to guarantee maximum safety, all hose types are subject to multiple technical testing before being introduced to the market.

We can specially design the hose connection for different customers:

Type M swivel                                                               
NPT Fittings                                                                     
BSP Male                                                                            
BSP Swivel                                                                        
JIC Female Swivel                                                          
Tube Nippie                                                                         
Metric Male                                                                  
Metric Female Swivel                                                  
Our core business is the production of thermoplastic high pressure hoses with ID’s from 3 to 25 mm and working pressures up to 3,200 bar (46,400 psi).

• Thermoplastic hose
• UHP hose
• Thermoplastic high pressure hose
• Ultra high pressure hose
• High pressure hose


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