High Purity Controls designs and manufactures ultra-clean pressure regulators, valves and integrated gas system components for the semiconductor manufacturing and fiber optic industries.

• Lightweight, compact design
• Piston sensed for high cycle life
• Designed for liquid or gas
 High Pressure - Pressure Reducing Regulators

• Non-venting regulator
• Compact design
• Elastomeric diaphragm - highly sensitive
Low Pressure - Pressure Reducing Regualators

• Diaphragm sensed - highly sensitive
• Modular construction - easy service
• External sensing available for improved accuracy
High Flow - Pressure Reducing

• Extremely sensitive
• Ideal for both gas and liquid service
• High temperature versions available
Back Pressure Regulators

• Segregated captured venting
• Tapered poppet design for better pressure control
Hydraulic Regulators

• Choice of 1/8" or 1/4" in and out ports
• Minimal internal volume
• Choice of 316 SST or brass
Corrosion Resistant, specialty Gas Petrochemical

• Can be furnished in a wide variety of pressure reducing or back pressure styles
• Contact TESCOM for application assistance
Custom Pressure Reducing / Back Pressure

• Globe or angle pattern
• Built-in metallic stop prevents over-torquing - reduces seat wear
• 30-1100 Series: available with metering capability (long stem optional)
Valves, Gauges / Filters

TESCOM's Systems Group designs and builds unique pressure and flow control solutions. We provide standard designs and custom remedies from the component level up - capabilities not found with other system integrators.
Custom Minifolds / System

• Balanced main valve minimizes inlet pressure fluctuations
• Piston sensed - highly reliable
• Water heat jacket standard
Hydrogen / Natural Gas Regulators

TESCOM Charging Carts Series are designed and built in the USA. A global leader in pressure control technology since 1962, TESCOM is an ISO 9001:2000 quality system certified company.
Aircraft Charging Carts


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